Birth Injury & Physical Developmental Delays

Not all birth injuries are readily apparent at birth, especially if a child suffers from a brain injury. An injury to the brain may not manifest itself until months later when a baby starts to miss developmental milestones like rolling over or crawling. It is important to let your child’s medical provider know if your child fails to reach physical developmental milestones. A doctor is the only one who can diagnose a birth injury. If your child has received a birth injury-related diagnosis, please call us. We’re here for you.

Physical Symptoms of Birth Injuries

Evidence of a birth injury may not appear right away. In some cases, it may take months, or even longer, for physical symptoms of a birth injury to appear, especially if a brain injury was suffered. Usually this comes in the form of the child failing to reach physical developmental milestones. Physical developmental delays may include:

  • Lack of muscle coordination
  • Weakness or paralysis in the arms or legs
  • Epilepsy
  • Seizures
  • Difficulty or inability to:
    • Roll over
    • Sit up
    • Walk
    • Hold or grasp objects
    • Stand

This list is not exhaustive. If you have concerns about your child failing to reach physical developmental milestones you should consult a doctor. Only a doctor can accurately diagnose a birth injury.


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Are You Eligible for a Birth Injury Lawsuit?

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