Delayed Delivery/C-Section

The childbirth experience is different for every woman. For some, the process happens quickly, and the baby is delivered in what seems like no time at all. Others may experience a longer and more drawn out labor and delivery.

First-time mothers are typically in labor for anywhere from 12-18 hours, while women who have given birth before may be in labor for half that time, or even less. For first-time mothers, labor lasting longer than 20 hours becomes what is called ‘prolonged labor’ or ‘failure to progress’. For mothers who have previously given birth, that number is 14 hours. When prolonged labor happens during the active labor phase of giving birth it can lead to potential problems for the mother and baby. For the baby, oxygen deprivation can become a real threat. The condition of both mother and baby should be assessed to determine whether or not medical intervention is needed. If medical intervention isn’t successful at moving the delivery along, a C-section often times becomes necessary to help avoid any permanent issues related to a prolonged labor.

Causes of Delayed Delivery

There are several causes of delayed or prolonged delivery. Prolonged labor may occur if:

  • The baby is very large and cannot easily move through the birth canal.
  • The baby is in an abnormal position. The most common position for the baby at birth is head down and facing the mother’s back.
  • There are birth canal issues such as a narrow pelvis or uterine fibroids which can cause the birth canal to become blocked and not allow the baby to pass through.
  • Weak uterine contractions.


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Birth Injuries Caused by Delayed Delivery

Prolonged labor can be dangerous because it can deprive the baby of oxygen for too long of a time. This situation can lead to the following birth injuries:

  • Cerebral palsy
  • Hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (HIE)
  • Seizure disorders
  • Developmental delays

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