Forceps/Vacuum Assisted Delivery

When a vaginal delivery has failed to progress, doctors or medical staff may choose to use instruments, such as forceps or a vacuum to help move the baby down the birth canal. When using forceps, doctors place both halves of the forceps along the sides of the baby’s head in order to help guide the baby down the birth canal during a contraction. Because a newborn’s head and neck are extremely fragile, medical staff should take great precaution to ensure excessive pressure and a twisting motion is not applied to the baby’s head. Doing so could lead to serious and permanent birth injuries. Fractures, brain bleeds, and disfigurement are all risks associated with forceps assisted delivery.

The vacuum has the appearance of a suction cup and acts in a similar manner. It is placed on the baby’s head, avoiding the baby’s soft spot, and a pump provides the suction. Similar to forceps, the vacuum is used to help guide the baby through the birth canal. Medical staff again should take great precaution to ensure excessive suction is not applied with this method of assisted delivery, as doing so could cause brain bleeds and/or skull trauma.

Need for Forceps/Vacuum Assisted Delivery

There are several situations in which medical staff may choose to use forceps or a vacuum to assist in delivering a baby. Common situations include:

  • The mother is pushing, but labor has failed to progress.
  • The baby’s heartrate changes to suggest there might be a problem.
  • The mother has a medical condition, such as heart disease or high blood pressure, and the doctor feels he/she needs to limit the time the mother spends pushing.


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Birth Injuries Caused by Forceps/Vacuum Assisted Delivery

Forceps or vacuum assisted delivery can help deliver a baby quickly and safely when done correctly. However, if rushed or done incorrectly, the use of forceps or a vacuum may lead to the following birth injuries:

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